New Zealand Deer Velvet

New Zealand is recognised as producing the highest quality velvet in natural healthy and humane conditions. International demand for New Zealand velvet is so strong that it currently exceeds total supply available.

While Deer Antler Velvet has been well known in Asia as a health remedy and energy tonic for over 3,000 years, it is only now being recognised outside of the Orient as one of the most exciting natural supplements available.

Deer velvet is a unique and renewable structure, because it is the only organised mammalian tissue that completely regrows every year. Velvet grows extremely rapidly and it is the substances that cause this that are the sought after properties.

Scientifically proven benefits include improving immune system function, stress levels, illness and sports injury recovery, endurance athleticism and sexual function as well as containing anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties

Natural Exports New Zealand has strong links with the industry and has secured supply from some of the best producers in the country who adhere to highest quality of deer farming and care.

We specialise in the supply of velvet either as a general food additive or as a healthy functional food in its own right and can supply in frozen, dried, sliced or powdered form.