New Zealand Olive Oil


Over 20 varieties of olives are now available in New Zealand and were originally sourced from Italy, Greece, Spain, California and Israel.

We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards throughout the entire process of our new world olive oil production.

New Zealand olive oils are now regularly winning awards on the world stage demonstrating to consumers that we are producing a truly premium product.

The fresher the better when it comes to olive oils and our Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is as fresh as it gets. EVOO refers to the very first cold press of the olives and produces the oil in its most raw and pure form. It is considered to have the finest, freshest and fruitiest flavour.

World renown chefs are actively seeking out New Zealand’s premium olive oils and infusions to get the very best flavours into their culinary masterpieces.

Natural Exports New Zealand has been extremely fortunate to source our oils from a key Wairarapa grove with a leading reputation amongst New Zealand’s best chefs for producing a particularly high quality product.

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