Olive Oil Sample Range


Lot Eight are producers of some of the best extra virgin and citrus olive oils to come out of the new world regions. Martinborough is world renowned for its wines and the LOT EIGHT grove has acquired many of its horticultural and production practices from the same pioneers that created this distinctive wine region.

This ideal growing region for many olive varieties combined with the blending skills of oil maker, has resulted in award winning oils for LOT EIGHT that have been judged Best in Class in the same category two years in a row.

Oils are available in 250mls, 375mls and 500mls bottles

Lot Eight Bottle cropped‘Oil Makers Blend’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil

(A United Nations of Olives)

The ‘Oil Maker’s Blend’ is our traditional blend first released in 2002 and is the blend Lot Eight has built its reputation on. It is made with our oil maker’s selection of Italian, French, Israeli and Spanish olive varieties and exhibits a fine balance of fruitiness and herbaceousness. At Lot Eight we aim to retain the characteristics of the seasons olives and present a blend that nature has presented. It is suited to a range of palates and may be used as a dipping oil or as a finishing touch to a cold or a warm dish.

Lot8CitrisCitrus Olive Oil

(real fresh NZ Citrus marries real fresh NZ olives)

A first in New Zealand, a blend created by our oil maker for chefs looking for real fruit flavours to finish seafood dishes with. This golden blend bursting with real citrus notes is created by milling fresh New Zealand citrus with this season’s Barnea olives. Often described as ‘lemon meringue pie’ this oil is superb in sweet or savory baking but also perfect as a finishing oil in salads and warm vegetable. Its use has no limitations

Lot8 HarissaHarissa Olive Oil

(fiery, spicy and direct)

For those that like their food hot and spicy, our ‘Harissa Olive Oil’ is made by pressing fresh olives with chilies, smoked paprika, coriander, caraway and other aromatic spices. Traditionally created to accompany meats, fish stews, drizzled over couscous, pasta and vegetable dishes, at Lot Eight we use it with anything that needs spicing up.


  ‘Reserve’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil

(a Greek showstopper)

The Lot Eight ‘Reserve’ aims to show our single variety Greek cultivar, Koroneiki, a personal favourite of our oil maker. Each year we introduce a selection of Italian varieties of olives to ensure that the resulting oil exhibits refined notes of herbs and tropical fruits. This robust blend started with several awards including best in class and remains true to its origin. It is perfect as a dipping oil or to provide a perfect finishing touch to a warm dish.

Aromatic Olive Oil

(young, sweet, tempting and irrestible)

This sweet smelling delicate blend is created with all things sweet in mind. Chefs use them in sweet and savory dishes and at Lot Eight, we use it in dishes like paella, rice pudding, cakes and crème caramel. Using our fresh olives and only the finest ingredients like NZ’s own Heilala vanilla pods, our very own saffron, cinnamon and edible rose buds, the ‘Aromatic Oil’ deserves its place as a premium condiment and a perfect treat.



TVP Logo

The Village Press in Hawke’s Bay is a specialised extra virgin olive oil producer founded by Wayne and Maureen Startup with the help of industry specialists.

In 1994 they bought a property near Havelock North where olive trees had been planted 40 years ago in an olive canning trial by Sir James Wattie. This led them to international research to assess the potential for olives in the Bay. They travelled to study olive growing and processing in the Hunter Valley and other olive producing areas of Australia, Israel and Italy and ran trials on various species. They imported a second hand press from Italy and set up their processing arm, The Village Press.

The Village Press sources it’s Olives from one of New Zealand’s premium Olive and Grape growing regions – Hawke’s Bay, so with excellent Olive Fruit,a range of varieties, efficient and effective processing facilities and attention to detail at every step of the Olive Oil processing system, the Startups are very proud of the excellent and unique taste sensations from The Village Press Olive Oils.

The Village Press produces extra virgin olive oil made of 100% New Zealand olives. It is vegan, cold press, unfiltered, additive-free, gluten-free, gmo-free, and kosher & halal certified.


Barneo Olive Oil Barnea Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Smooth and Buttery, the flavour chefs prefer, a light green grassy oil ideal for beef and lamb dishes.

Available in 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 2L and 4L.

Manzanillo Olive OilManzanillo Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Adds flair with fresh and herbaceous flavours.  An ideal dressing for salad greens and roasted vegetables.

Available in 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 2L and 4L.

 Picual Olive OilPicual Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Spicey and fresh green grassy quality which makes it ideal for dressing poached chicken or fish just after cooking (and before serving) with a simple adornment of herb greens from the garden. Rich & Peppery with a long lasting finish.  Use it liberally to add a signature flavour.

Available in 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 2L and 4L.

TVP Avo OilAvocado Oil

A beautiful tasting and cholesterol free cold pressed avocado oil

Fresh, healthy and buttery.  A delicate flavour, perfect for dressings, marinades, dipping, dunking and drizzling.

Available in 250ml and 500ml.


Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Outstanding when used to make basil or coriander pesto. It carries the strong flavour to a different level and provides the perfect mouth feel accompaniment for these richly satisfying condiments. Alternatively, Frantoio can be used to excellent effect as a dipping oil with fresh dense crusty bread and dukkah