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HoneyLab® is one of New Zealand’s newest and most innovative companies.

Founded in 2009, HoneyLab® is a biotech business that has developed three treatment platforms: Dermatology, Pain Management and Nutrition. The company uses unique New Zealand raw materials based on natural NZ kanuka honey or bee venom to create new, clinically proven and natural over-the-counter medicines.

The products treat topical conditions by providing natural treatments or appearance medicine and the formulations have all undergone rigorous pharmaceutical clinical trials to establish efficacy.
HoneyLab® understands the compounds that make up honey and venom and understand how these compounds treat the diseases targeted. Their philosophy is science and community first and ensuring low environmental impact is fundamental.

Kanuka honey, kills bacteria, viruses and fungi; forms a soothing film; attracts moisture; moisturises; is anti-inflammatory; and an antioxidant

Bee venom causes local release of the body’s own anti-inflammatory steroids.

Natural Exports is pleased to be able to promote HoneyLab® in selected markets to pursue distribution and sales network opportunities for the company’s range of products including the following:

                           Honevo                                                              Rubeeven                                                  Kanu Bee Venom

Honevo group 2Kanu GroupRubeeven cropped


Treatments for:

Acne                                                                    Joint Stiffness                                                  Anti-aging
Nappy Rash
Cold Sores

For more information about each of the product range, click on the logos below:

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